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So you want to knock down a few walls in your bathroom and replace them with a hot, luxurious wet room. Because of the sleek use of materials and ease of use, the concept of a wet room is gaining popularity. Wet rooms are an excellent choice for anyone considering a bathroom remodeling project or building a new one.


Wet Room – wet and wonderful

Regardless of all the technicalities, if you’ve got a smaller bathroom area than by having one wet room you can turn it to look larger by removing a dedicated shower area. Wet rooms provide an open and inviting environment with barrier-free access to your shower by making better use of the available space. Due to its minimalist nature of design, it can look incredibly stylish giving your home a “wow” factor for certain.

These days, wet rooms are portrayed as a fashionable addition in the design of bathrooms. They are a must for stylish and contemporary designs. With a wet room, you can skip the requirement of a bathtub. This is the reason why so many people choose not to install a bathtub to have more open space.
Soft lighting and calming colors can make your wet rooms an enjoyable and relaxing place with a spa-like bath feel. Another added benefit of a wet room is its easier cleaning. It is because most of the wet rooms have tiles and a lower number of nooks and crannies.


Things to consider while opting a wet room

If you remember the distinctions between a standard bathroom and a wet room, you can brainstorm the considerations that must be made when designing a wet room. As the name implies, your bathroom (turned wet room) will remain wet for an unknown period of time. As a result, you should exercise extreme caution when selecting bathroom furniture and fixtures.

Careful in selecting and placing fixtures
Fixtures and other accessories should be placed in such a way that they are not in the shower area and can withstand moisture. The use of stones is a common blunder in wet rooms. Stones look stunning in wet rooms without a doubt, but they can absorb water over time if not sealed frequently.

By waterproofing, it means there must be no leak whatsoever from floor to ceiling. Wet rooms are made completely impervious to leaks and water damage through a process called tanking. So, if you’re considering having a wet room in your home, have it constructed by an experienced contractor who knows how to handle sealing jobs.


The Bottom Line

Getting a wet room of your dreams is not as complex as it seems. It brings in a multitude of positives in your everyday life and adds the cash value of your whole home. You just have to ensure a smooth sloping floor to drain that extra water with an added protective layer of waterproofing beneath your surface tiles.

Are you ready to upgrade your outdated bathroom to a wet room? We would be delighted to assist! In Metro Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area, we have a team of skilled installers ready to assist you. Affordable Bathrooms has been assisting homeowners for over twenty years, and we have completed thousands of projects, including numerous types of bathroom remodels. Please contact us as soon as possible if you require assistance.

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