A Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing the Best Towels - Affordable Bathrooms

Nothing beats opening your linen closet and being greeted by a new supply of lovely towels. Towels, on the other hand, must do more than just look nice. In addition to being visually appealing, the ideal set of towels should feel great, dry quickly, wear well, and complement the decor of your bathroom. That’s a lot to ask of a simple piece of fabric, so we compiled a list of quick tips for towel purchasing success.


Cotton reigns supreme

While synthetic blends are less expensive and may appear soft enough on the shelf, 100% cotton towels are the gold standard. Cotton is more absorbent and durable than polyester, so you’ll save money in the long run. Now, what kind of cotton are we talking about? Cottons with longer fibers, such as Egyptian and Pima cotton, are more expensive.


Look for combed cotton towels as well. Cotton is combined before weaving to align all of the fibers in one direction, resulting in long, durable threads. Always choose a soft, heavy towel—the more terry piles it has and the longer the piles, the more surface area it has for absorbing water. Cotton towels may lint during the first few uses. This is normal and does not indicate that the towel is of poor quality.


Determine the Dimensions

Bath towels are available in two sizes: standard and sheet. While a standard towel is technically large enough to wrap, bath sheets are preferable for those who enjoy cuddling up after a shower.


Accept Color

Bathrooms are costly, so most people play it safe when remodeling. However, when it comes to towels, try to think outside the box. While you’re unlikely to choose a mint green tub or hot pink wallpaper, towels are a great way to play with color. If you frequently wear makeup, choose washcloths in darker colors. Mascara stains are notoriously difficult to remove.


When it’s a good deal, buy it

Investing in high-quality towels isn’t always a good idea. Certain acne medications containing benzoyl peroxide, as well as pool chemicals, can stain towels and break down fibers. It’s best to keep a stash of cheap towels on hand for these occasions.

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