Creating An Inviting Guest Bathroom - Affordable Bathrooms

Looking for some excellent guest bathroom ideas?

Having a fully functional guest bathroom at home for your beloved visitors is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise. Not only will they feel more comfortable, but they will also have some much-needed privacy. Let’s look at a few ways you can make your guest bathroom look right out of a Hollywood movie with guaranteed comfort.


Good Quality Towels

No one likes using threadbare and old towels, so you must ensure you have a stack of fresh, laundered towels for your guests. Even if it is a hand towel, make sure everything you offer your guests is fresh and clean. To add a luxurious touch, you can buy towels made from Turkish cotton; not only are they super soft, but they also scream class and elegance.


Make It Smell Exotic

No one likes a smelly bathroom; moreover, it gives a very poor impression of you to the guests. If the guest bathroom tends to stay closed for even a few days, it can muster up a musty smell. To avoid any ‘smelly situation,’ make sure you spray air fresheners and also air the room before your guest’s arrival. You can also light fragrant candles or incense sticks for a more inviting aura. This will take your guest bathroom décor to a whole new level.


Make Space For Storage:

When designing guest bath remodel, make sure there is ample storage space. Are there any shelves or hooks for your guests to store their essentials and hang their clothes on? If not, you can place a bar of ‘over the door’ hooks that can be removed once they leave. Installing a guest bathroom vanity is also an excellent option.

 Also, make sure you remove any excess clutter to give your guests maximum space to place their essentials.


Offer Slippers And A Bathrobe:

All guests are special, and they deserve some special treatment. Just as hotels offer warm, soft plush bathrobes with matching cozy slippers, why not do the same in your guest bath? Remember to leave a nicely folded bathrobe on the towel rack along with matching slippers. Nothing can make your guests feel more welcome than this.



Add Fresh Plants And Flowers

Guest bathroom decorations are incomplete without some color. Nothing adds a more homely feel and beauty to any space than fresh flowers and plants. You can always fill up a vase with fresh flowers and place it in your guest bathroom before your guests are about to arrive. Not only will it add an inviting touch, but it will also give your bathroom’s style a revamp. Any color combo of pastels and white will look great; however, you can choose any color of your choice.


Comfy Bath Mat

Another excellent way to add an inviting touch to your guest bathroom is by investing in a comfy bath mat. So, throw away that old and withering mat and replace it with something soft, plush, and colorful. Not only will it look good, but it will also increase the comfort of your guests.


Final Words

One place that guests love to unwind is hands down the guest bath. So why not enhance the experience of your beloved visitors and make their bathroom as inviting and comfortable as possible.

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