Designing A Minimalist Bathroom In Limited Space - Affordable Bathrooms

Have you made up your mind about designing a minimalist bathroom? If yes, that will be the best decision you have ever made, especially if the space is limited. Not only are minimalist bathrooms an excellent way to utilize space, but they also maximize your bathroom appliance’s appearance. Thanks to limited items and little to no clutter, minimalist bathrooms give a neat aura that everyone is so fond of.

So let’s look at what factors you should never ignore while bathroom remodeling to have your very own minimal bathroom:


Get Rid Of Boundaries:

One essential factor that you must never miss when going minimalist is removing the boundaries that compartmentalize the bathroom. This includes shower baths, bathing cubicles, and screens for the toilet. As the boundaries separate each area, your bathroom starts looking smaller. By getting rid of boundaries, you can easily open up space in your bathroom and minimize the visual clutter.



Ample Light Is A Must

Always remember that ample lighting is crucial for developing a sense of space and airiness in any bathroom. The best thing is to eliminate dark colors and remove matte tiles or cabinets. Go for glossy finishing and wall panels that will make the bathroom appear bigger by reflecting light. You can also add more light to the bathroom by installing a skylight or a solar light.


Move The Basin To The Side:

It’s pretty obvious that a basin mounted on the wall takes up a lot of precious space, so the best minimalist approach would be to install it in a corner. After all, not many bathrooms flaunt a corner basin, so this fact alone will make your bathroom stand out.

Go for a wall-mounted simple basin in a light color, or you can also use a metallic or stone bowl placed on a shelf made of stone or wood. This simple yet unique approach will give your minimal bathroom the elegance it deserves. 



Put Up A Big Mirror:

You can never underestimate the role a huge mirror plays in making your bathroom appear more spacious. If you are bent upon implementing a minimalist approach in your bathroom, it’s time you got rid of that small mirror above the sink.

By adding a large mirror, not only will your minimalist bathroom appear bigger, but its aesthetic appeal will drastically increase. To take things to a higher level, you can frame the mirror with light, natural-looking wood for an exclusive minimalist appeal.


Choose Big Tiles Over Small:

Last but not least, another major factor to keep your focus on is the size of the tiles in your bathroom. The shape doesn’t matter, but small and congested patterns will contribute to making your bathroom appear even smaller. To avoid this scenario, go for linear patterns or large tiles that make the area appear spacious. You can also place the big tiles on the walls to make the bathroom look deceptively bigger.



Who said minimalist bathrooms are not everyone’s cup of tea? All you need are a few easy bathroom remodel and décor tricks that will make your bathroom appear inviting and spacious.

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