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The bathroom is an important part of your home and your family spends a considerable part of your day in it. When your bathroom looks outdated and has functional issues, time has come for the bathroom remodeling. You must look for the right tips, ideas and planning to complete your bathroom remodeling successfully.

Here are the most essential Do’s and Don’ts while doing your bathroom remodeling. The wet room remodeling is not for an enthusiastic DIYer unless you have all the essential tools and knowledge. It is best to entrust the job to a well-experienced bathroom remodeling contractor.


Do the following while undertaking your wet room remodeling:

  • Always plan and do it the right way so that the bathroom remodeling proceeds as you want and you can get it complete it as per your plan.
  • Know the present trend and the new materials, equipment and the fixtures that are available in the market and collect all the information regarding this and keep it ready to be used when the remodeling of your bathroom is underway.
  • Finalize the design of your bathroom: search and research to find and finalize the right design for your wet room remodeling
  • Allocate a realistic budget: Bathroom remodeling is a heavy investment and hence have a budget for the remodeling and be ready with the funds as per your planned budget
  • Keep your high-cost items neutral in appearance: Bathroom remodeling involves changing the high-cost items like tile flooring, showers, etc. Plan them to give a natural look now so that they can be easily changed later as per the changing trends. This may be compensated by visually appealing items like bright painting, highlighting mirrors or an elaborate towel stand, etc.
  • Make your shower the focal point of your bathroom: Shower is an interesting feature in any bathroom and hence give the required focus and attention to this vital point in your bathroom. Have multiple showerheads and combine this with heated floors etc. and this will add more value to your home if at all you decide to sell your house.
  • Make your vanity more impressive: Vanity in the bathroom must be an important item while taking up the bathroom remodeling and it can be done in such a way that adds both to the aesthetics of your bathroom as well as add more to the utility of the room with more storage and stylish looks
  • Choose a non- slip floor: the floor of the bathroom if included in your remodeling project should be made of non- slip floor and the one that is easy to maintain


Some of the don’ts you must avoid while doing your bathroom remodeling include:

  • Never go out of your budget: while doing the bathroom remodeling you may take up the replacing or renewing the tubs, sinks, showers and the other main features of the bathroom and unless you are careful you will go far beyond the budget you allocated for the project so have a well laid out plan and go according to it
  • Don’t forget or neglect storage in your bathroom: Storage is the mainstay of the modern bathroom and the latest trend is to have lots of storage in the bathroom. So, pay attention to create as much storage space as possible in the bathroom and do it in an aesthetically pleasing way
  • Do not choose vinyl, porous stone tile or linoleum tiles: as these tiles come with joints that cannot be completely waterproofed, avoid using these for the flooring of your wet room to avoid water seepage into the superstructure
  • You can not forget to spruce up ventilation in the bathroom: When you are doing the bathroom remodeling, do not forget to improve ventilation in the bathroom even if it means installing some extra items of fixtures in the bathroom
  • Do not go over trendy: While remodeling your bathroom do not go over trendy as the bathroom trends tend to change too often and hence stick on to a not so trendy not too old type of look and feel to your bathroom
  • Do not try to waterproof your bathroom yourself: if you are doing the bathroom remodeling as a DIY project never try to waterproof your bathroom area yourself unless you have full knowledge of the procedure and instead leave the job to a professional to avoid costly repairs and home insurance fines later
  • Do not handle electrical wiring or plumbing by yourself: Electrical works are to be handled by certified and trained technical people and it is not usually the job for a homeowner unless you have the required knowledge and necessary skills in doing it as a part of your bathroom remodeling project

These are some of the ideas and tips that will help you as a homeowner planning to go for bathroom remodeling in your house. If you are in Atlanta look for the best Bathroom remodeling company that specializes in remodeling and remaking bathrooms and entrust the work to them for best results within your budget.

So, follow these do’s and don’ts of bathroom remodeling and you will be happy with your bathroom after completion of the remodeling project.


If you need help with your bathroom remodel? Contact us today and enjoy your new bathroom sooner than you thought was possible!

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