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Are you bored of the thud and lifeless porcelain tile throne? The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank for a comfortable and classy bathroom. By just hanging an embellish shower curtain or customizing the bath towel you can make your bathroom instantly gorgeous.

Bathrooms sometimes tend to be a little neglected while decorating a house. It’s a typically small space that is designed largely for utilitarian purposes. Despite being a small space, the bathroom does have a huge impact on our everyday life. Whether it’s a teeny-tiny powder room or the master bathroom, it’s as important as any other room of the house.

With today’s intriguing super-easy DIY décor tips, you can transform the look of your bathroom on a budget. Whether you’re looking for décor DIY tips for a rustic and vintage look or you need more sleek and modern ideas; these clever DIY decorating tips can save a ton of cash.

Feeling intrigued? Let’s jump straight in:


DIY Towel holder

Organizing towels in bathrooms can be at times become tricky especially if you’re tight on space. However, you can carve your towel racks, towel shelf, towel holder, or even a towel basket in several creative ways. These towel storage ideas are inexpensive and they can help you keep your bathroom uncluttered and well-organized.

The trendiest idea for towel hangers and racks is from repurposed items. You can add a stunning touch in your bathroom storage space with a repurposed ladder. You can either hang towels over the rugs of leader leaning against the wall or you can place them on step ladder – whatever available. If you don’t have a ladder available, you can make one for yourself using wooden dowels and copper T-junction pipe fittings.

If you prefer to have a towel-hanger – you can get one out of a basic wooden piece, some hooks, and nails. Add your colors and flavors to match the décor of your bathroom. This will give you storage vertically without taking up the square footage of your bathroom.


Towel HolderSource: Architecture Art Designs


DIY Shower Curtain

Another smart and clever decorating change in your bathroom is to splurge on a brand new shower curtain. It’ll give your bathroom a big visual impact. You don’t have to search for expensive renovation ideas because only this little easy change can revitalize the overall look of your bathroom. Choose your fabric – go for polyester fabric preferably that is water repellent and mildew-resistant. But you need to choose the one that is easy to clean and perform the intended function. You can have it dye in the color of your choice to make it trendy and unique or you can leave it neutral if you love the contemporary looks.


DIY Shower CurtainSource: Urban Outfitters


Brighten Up the Bathroom with Ceiling Stenciling

The best secret to remodel your bathroom on a budget is to have stenciled on the ceiling. It’s a bold step that not only adds life to your bathroom walls but will revamp the entire look of your bathroom. Although, it may not be as straight as stenciling the wall the effort is worthwhile. You can either make your stencil from scratch or buy one from a home maintenance store. To make things easy, we recommend you to use a large stencil brush that can make your stenciling go fast and easy. It’ll hold the paint and glides over the stencil making your bathroom DIY decorating project too easy.   


Ceiling StencilingSource: Tip Junkie


Decorate the vanity

The sink, mirror, and vanity around need your special attention while decorating your bathroom. If you’re always annoyed by a disorganized vanity; here is your savior. Just take two old plates – one bigger and the other smaller. Glue them together with a candle holder – perfectly colored. This will give you a perfect two-story organizer for vanity to store your makeup and hair accessories in. 


Ceiling StencilingSource: Style Caster

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