Tips For Reducing Bathroom Odors - Affordable Bathrooms

There is no bigger nightmare than your bathroom smelling horrid. If you smell it, your guests sure can too, and there is nothing more embarrassing than that. Whether you have kids or not, keeping your bathroom smelling immaculate can sure be a challenging task to achieve.

So, how to get rid of bathroom odors?

If you have recently gotten a bathroom remodeling done or not, you can counter foul bathroom smells by following these fantastic tips:


Focus On Ventilation

Every bathroom needs adequate ventilation, as having fresh air moving across space can largely affect any smell. To ensure proper ventilation in your bathroom, make sure you leave the bathroom door open and install a functional vent fan.

This will ensure that bathroom smells are removed from your bathroom in no time.


Natural Odor Killer

There is nothing easier than buying odor killing chemicals, but they do more harm than good. They are filled with toxic chemicals that are dangerous for your health. Why not make your own natural toilet fresheners that will remove the horrendous odor from your bathroom? All you need to do is mix citric acid and baking soda and add a few drops of your most favorite essential oil to make the perfect bacteria-killing solution. It is the best answer to “how to get rid of toilet odor”?

You can pour this odor busting concoction into your toilet and the holder of your toilet cleaning brush to naturally rid your bathroom of any foul smell. This can also work as a sewage odor neutralizer.




Don’t Forget The Towels

Many of us underestimate how bad damp and unwashed towels can smell. When towels are not dried quickly, they start harboring nasty smelling fungi and bacteria. If they haven’t been washed, well, that’s a whole new ball game.

In either case, the towels will act as a source of inducing a foul odor in your bathroom. Make sure to dry and wash your towels regularly.


Make A Magical Odor Absorber

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a magic jar that sucked up all of that nasty smell? The best part is that you can have one.

All you need to do is fill a mason jar with baking soda. Also, add your favorite essential oil. Secure the lid on tightly and shake the jar to give everything a good mix. What you will have in your hand is a potent potion that absorbs any nasty odor. Punch some holes in the jar’s lid and watch your bathroom fill up with a heavenly smell. It will work as a bathroom air purifier.




Light Candles

If you have set up your bathroom with decor pieces like candles, why not use them? The candle’s heat and smoke aid in neutralizing foul odors in your bathroom. Just light up your favorite scented candle and kiss the bad smell goodbye with a natural bathroom deodorizer.

If you are boarding on a bathroom remodeling project, make sure you include candles to complement the theme.


Empty The Bathroom Trash Regularly

Even though bathroom trash does not contain scraps of food like the kitchen, lady products, wipes, and baby diapers can smell really bad, too, besides toilet smells. This is why it is important to regularly empty your bathroom bins to avoid any smell from harboring in your beloved bathroom for too long. It is one of the best ways to reduce bad bathroom smells.



So, now you know how to make your bathroom smell good. Who said removing foul odors from your bathroom is impossible? Simply follow the tips mentioned above and have your bathroom smelling heavenly in no time.

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