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Your beloved bathroom’s final color palette choice will largely depend on the overall theme you want to achieve. A bathroom with a soft pink marble, onyx counter, and wooden fixtures will look entirely different with metallic blue walls than with soft blue walls.

So, how to pick bathroom colors?

This article will give you insight into the top tips to consider when choosing a bathroom color palette to embark on your bathroom remodeling journey.


Make The Color Wheel Your Best Friend

Settling on the combination of colors that will complement your bathroom may leave many feeling flustered. If you feel you are on the same boat, take help from the super reliable color wheel for bathroom matches. It will aid you in getting the perfect idea of which colors and hues work well with each other.

For example, blue and green blend remarkably well as they are close to each other on the color wheel, making them analogous. Whenever you feel lost, the color wheel will be your knight in shining armor.


rule of three


Use The Rule Of Three

For settling on a color scheme for your bathroom, make sure you use the rule of three as your guiding principle. This involves choosing one neutral color, one accent, and one rich color. To go about this with finesse, you will need to keep proportion in mind and follow a 70-20-10 color distribution.

This means the boldest color is used for roughly 10%, the lightest for 70%, and the second lightest color is used 20% for spicing things up in the room. This rule can immensely help you from the best color for bathroom walls to toilets color to accessories while choosing bathroom colors.

When using this rule, keep the following points in mind regarding bathroom color ideas:

  • You combine neutral colors in different ways.
  • You can use a palette of light green, cocoa brown, and white for a classic clean look.
  • If you pair up these neutrals with a brighter color such as Kelly green, you will end up with a full-on burst of energy type look.


Incorporate Another Rule Of Three

Did you know you can use another rule of three to attain your bathroom’s most awe-inspiring color scheme? All you have to do is use your chosen color in the room for at least three times.

You can incorporate it in the form of towels or any other accessory in the bathroom. This clever yet innovative color distribution will make every color and hue look well in place.


bathroom color theme


Go Bright

If you want your bathroom to have a burst of energy, then settle for a bright and bold color scheme. For example, blue and orange make an excellent combo while adding life to your bathroom. If you want to instill some calm in this bold color scheme, incorporate lots of white in the tub, sink, and other bathroom areas.


Best Bathroom Colors: Final Thoughts

So, now you know how to choose paint colors and bathroom colors for other products?

If you have the correct tips and tricks on hand, bathroom remodeling can be fun and exciting. You can always look for inspiration from other areas of your house to help you decide on the perfect color palette for bathroom. Remember to keep our incredible tips in mind whenever you embark on choosing the ideal color scheme for your bathroom.

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