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It is safe to say that in every house, bathrooms are the smallest rooms, and it comes as no surprise that they are mostly the messiest as well. You don’t necessarily have to be a hoarder with little storage space, as even the best may struggle to keep things well-organized.

So, how to declutter your bathroom? What are some great bathroom decluttering ideas?

When you embark on your bathroom remodeling quest or want to declutter your beloved loo, make sure you follow the following bathroom organization tips and tricks:


1. Kiss Your Old Stuff Goodbye:

To declutter bathroom, the first most obvious solution is to part ways with old items that are no longer in use. Ensure you keep a check on your toiletries’ expiry dates as they may be taking up extra space.

Even if they are far away from expiring and you haven’t used them at all, make a declutter list, and instead of letting them happily vacay in your bathroom, give them away to a friend or family member who would actually use them. 


2. Put Your Hair Appliances In Place

What electronics do you turn to after taking a shower? You guessed it, a hairdryer. Hair appliances end up taking a lot of space on your bathroom counter and usually end up causing a lot of clutter. Not only that, but it is also dangerous to have electric appliances lying around near the water.

To avoid getting electrocuted and achieve a well-organized bathroom, buy a bathroom organizer, mount it on the wall, and chuck your appliances in there. It is one of the best ways to declutter.


Bathroom vanity storage


3. Practicality Is Key

When decluttering is your mission, remember to invest in practical storage options. You can achieve it in the following ways: 

  • Invest in vertical units for storage as they won’t take up much space. 
  • Instead of a simple mirror, invest in a mirror cabinet.
  • Install shelves, which will help to maximize space such as perfume and lotion organizer.
  • When installing sinks, look for those who have storage options such as a cupboard or drawers under the sink. 


4. Declutter Your Drawers With An Organizer

What happens when you keep throwing things in your bathroom drawer and never look back to organize it? When you need to fish for your favorite red lipstick amongst the massive clutter of toothpaste, lipsticks, and what not, you will wish you had organized your stuff sooner.

To avoid this giant mess and save up on time, insert tray organizers in your drawers, keeping everything looking tidy and in place. 


Organizer in bathroom


5. Invest In Mason Jars

It is another best way to declutter. Mason jars can have a far better purpose than storing your favorite drink. Why not use these spacious jars to keep your makeup brushes and toothbrushes? Not only will they help to organize your bathroom counter, but you can also decorate them according to your bathroom’s theme. 


6. Regularly Keep Up

This might seem like something self-evident, but many of us end up getting lazy when it comes to putting things back regularly. A consistent tidying up ritual will ensure that your bathroom stays well kept and organized. 



Who said decluttering bathroom is close to impossible? No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you can always follow these top bathroom decluttering tips to make your bathroom feel and look clean. 

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