Types of Bathtubs And Styles To Choose From - Affordable Bathrooms

Do you love relaxing in a long warm bubble bath after a tiring day at work? If the answer is yes, you might be surprised that the right type of bathtub can make your experience even more worthwhile. Ranging from a soaker tub to a whirlpool tub, there are endless options that you can choose from.

So let’s look at the top types of bathtubs:


Walk In Bath Tubs:

These are more about convenience than luxury and are a much better option for the elderly or people with special needs. They allow seniors and those with disabilities to get in and out of the bath without having any risk of injuries. Walk-in tubs are also equipped with different features such as handrails, adjustable jets, and even a seat.

However, the only drawback is that these bathtubs are pretty expensive, ranging from anywhere between two to six thousand dollars.


Freestanding Tub:

If you look at modern bathroom inspirations, one thing that nearly all of them have in common is a freestanding tub. These modern bathtubs are not installed along any wall; instead, they stand either on a base that supports their weight or specially designed ‘feet.’

Since they aren’t placed away in a corner, they end up taking more space. So if your heart does fall for one of these, make sure you have enough space in your bathroom.

Standard Tubs:

As the name suggests, these are your typical ordinary tubs that don’t come with any special features. They are mostly five feet in length and around 16 inches high. So if you are planning on replacing an old standard tub, you can do so without any hassle. Standard bathtubs usually come with various installation options like freestanding, alcove, and drop-in.


Whirlpool Tub:

These are specifically designed to help a person relax while they lay back and de-stress in the bathtub. Whirlpool tubs flaunt carefully positioned ‘jets’ in areas that target the major muscle groups when a person lies in the tub. The jets provide ample pressure that induces a massage-like feeling on the body, leading to a thoroughly relaxing experience. Who wouldn’t like that?


Soaking Tub:

If all you want is a simple bathtub where you can soak your body on hours end, a soaking tub is all you need. Some soaking tubs are usually longer or wider so that a person can fit easily without compromising on their comfort. Several of these tubs have armrests that are molded on the sides.

Since a soaking tub has a very smooth surface, make sure to choose one that has an anti-slip floor.


Corner Bathtubs:

If you lack ample space but still want a bathtub, then why not get a corner bathtub? These types are specifically designed to fit in curved or angled areas of the bathroom. You can even install them right under a window to soak in some sun while you enjoy your bath.


Final Words

Nothing can beat the comfort of a long relaxing bath after a hard day at work, and what better way to de-stress than in your very own bathtub. With so many options and types of bathtubs to choose from, you are bound to find one that suits you best.

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