How to Update Your Ugly Bathroom Without Spending A Fortune - Affordable Bathrooms

Bathrooms can get ugly quickly due to constant use, and the mixing of water, and dust. When you do not want to spend large amounts of money on a full-blown bathroom remodeling you can still make your ugly bathroom look great.


Best Ideas and Tips:

Here are some of the best ideas and tips you can use to spruce up your out of date looking bathroom into a modern trendy one with a shoestring budget.

  • Go for the repainting of the vanity, update and place modern trendy fixtures and if you want to make your bathroom have a brand-new look do it by just changing the wallpaper
  • Use removable wallpaper: this is great for those who are living in a rental home and to have a new fresher and modern look go for removal wallpapers that can be changed at will at a very nominal cost
  • Do the flooring with unique yet cheap flooring: When the floor of your bathroom looks outdated go for the peel and stick type of flooring that can be changed whenever you want just by applying heat from your hairdryer. We have a variety of designs and patterns that will add a grand look to your bathroom at a very cheap price
  • Peel and stick Mirror frames add a grand look to your bathroom. This is one of the best ideas to make your bathroom mirror a highlighting point and with the variety of these mirror frames you bring your bathroom look and feel match with the current trends
  • Make space for some plants in your bathroom: plants enliven the area and so make some space for interior plants and keep them inside for added cozy and comfortable feeling while you are in the bathroom
  • Spruce up your old looking bathroom tile with vinyl floor cloth: this is a fairly new arrival in the market and can easily change the worn-out look of your old bathroom and fake any grand look even like a tile flooring; choose the one that is nice to look at and at the same time the one that adds more to the aesthetics of your bathroom
  • Add more glamour to your bathroom walls with the stikwood –peel- stick- feature wall- your walls are the dominating factor in your bathroom and you can add the look and feel of having a wooden wall with this type of easily removable and easy to install wall coverings
  • Make up your vanity :The vanity is a dominating factor in your bathroom and if it looks old and you have to find the right ways of making it look new and modern and this can be accomplished in a variety of ways most of them cheap and economical. Giving a custom expensive look by using decorative panels is one of them and you can make your vanity have a completely new look by this.
  • Add life to the bathroom walls by converting them into a gallery wall: this is one of the easiest yet inexpensive way of making a boring bathroom wall come to life with some carefully selected artworks. You can make the wall a gallery wall with the use of the right painting and making minimum fixtures and placing the right type of artworks
  • Tone up the lighting: Lighting is an important aspect that contributes to the overall look and feel of the bathroom- if you want to improve the look of it then the best idea is to change the lighting pattern in your bathroom. It is easy to find the right lighting set up with so much choice available now. Choose the right variety of LED lighting for a stylish lift to look along with soft glow and pretty reflections that will make the whole environment to a higher level
  • Pay attention to your bathroom Rug: your bathroom rug need not always look like a bathroom rug. By changing your bathroom rug to something trendier and livelier to look at you can easily add to the look of your bathroom
  • Hide that ugly water pipe: though water pipe is an essential element in your bathroom and when it looks old and worn out do not leave it to spoil the good looks of your bathroom by hiding it by wrapping with ropes or other materials in such a way that is no more an eyesore.
  • Place an attractive shower curtain: if your shower area has lost its attraction, you can spruce up the shower area by installing an attractive shower curtain. This can be used to conceal the bad looking shower stall.

Thus, by following these tips and ideas for your bathroom remodel, you can bring a completely new look to your shower or bathroom. You will have a new look that makes your bathroom a welcoming place for you.

Get started today and enjoy your new bathroom sooner than you thought was possible!

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