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We all don’t like to clean our bathrooms, but the fact is that it’s a place that needs your attention, no matter what. A bathroom is a busy place in your home that requires frequent cleaning and tidying. Missing your regular housework in your home’s bathrooms would build up grime and germs thereby taking you towards a bathroom catastrophe.

In contrast, a solid bathroom maintenance routine will make your bathroom and home much fresher and free of bacteria and microbes. But with all these smart fixtures in your modern bathroom; it’s hard to know how frequently you should be cleaning each part of your bathroom.

So, just put on those cleaning gloves, and let’s transform the filthiest part of your home into a shining sanctuary with these bathrooms cleaning tips:


Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Even though the bathroom is your least favorite place to clean. But you’ve got to do it at least for your health’s sake. All the amenities of your bathroom, like the bathtub, toilet, sheets, and faucets require regular cleaning, probably more often than you think, to avoid becoming a biohazard.


The sink

You should be giving your bathroom sink a good wipe down every day will all-purpose cleaner or an antibacterial cleaning wipe. You do use your sink frequently not only while brushing your teeth or washing your hands but also during brushing your hairs and trimming your beard. So, you should avoid that hair build-up and spots of hardened toothpaste that would be difficult to remove over time. So, whether you’re living alone, or you share your bathroom; keep a bottle of wet wipes ready to ease up your daily sink cleanup.

After every session of hair combing, wipe off the sink bowl with a piece of toilet paper and toss that in the trashcan to avoid any plumbing issues later. The gross looking stains of toothpaste can be wiped with a dry microfiber cloth.


The Toilet

Your toilets have a reputation for being the most germ-ridden place in your home. If you miss your weekly deep cleaning session it may get rings within the bowl that at times seem impossible to get out. The best way out is to light clean your toilet every day and once a week gives it a deep clean. If you want those gross stains at bay, make use of vinegar. Just spray it at the top of your toilet and let it sit for a time followed by flushing.


Rugs, Bathmat, and the Floor

Stepping onto a furry bath rug or mat after a hot shower is like an ultimate luxury. It soaks the water out of your feet after each session. But over time they can begin to smell moldy and thus all these rugs and bathmats should be washed every week. Just placemats in your washer with gentle laundry detergent and wash them on cold settings. You can hang them outside to dry.

However, some bathmats have rubber backing; that can wear out faster. So, if you have such a mat, do not wash it more than once a month. 


Showers and Bathtub

Soap scum buildup on bathtub or shower is a very annoying experience for most homeowners. But you can get a spotless bathtub by wiping away water after every shower. Otherwise, you need to scrub it down once a week. If there are glass shower doors you can clean them up with a normal glass cleaner and a shower squeegee.



Spotless glaring mirrors add a decorative flair to your bathroom. But after the daily abuse of usage, it is difficult to maintain the same sparkle and shine. So, you should wipe it down daily with a microfiber cloth to remove dust, lint, and other specks.


The Bottom Line

Now you know how frequent you must clean different parts of your porcelain throne room. But at the end of the day, it all depends on your personal preference and how frequently you use your bathroom. Like some people are clean freaks while for others it’s not that hard to decide when it’s the time for a deep clean. So, do your homework and devise a plan to maintain a refreshing and sparkling bathroom.

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