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The bathroom is one part of your house that needs to be kept clean at all times. Homeowners will agree that this sounds much easier said than done, as your beloved bathroom can harbor all types of fungi, bacteria, viruses, and whatnot. The good news is, you can always make some clever upgrades to ensure your bathroom stays squeaky clean with minimal effort from your end.


Here is how to keep bathroom clean:


Limit Moisture:

We all know how having excess moisture in the air can lead to an unpleasant buildup of mildew and mold on bathroom surfaces. You can do the following things to bring the moisture level in your bathroom down:


  • After every shower, remember to open the windows or turn the exhaust fan on for at least an hour or so. Once your bathroom is dry, you can close the windows and exhaust fan. It is vital for bathroom hygiene.
  • Don’t take a bath with super-hot water; this will increase steam buildup, which is a major contributor to moisture.
  • If you have tried everything by the book without any fruitful results, you can invest in moisture-absorbing products that will eliminate bad smells and reduce moisture.


Keep Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes:

Having disinfecting cleaning wipes in easy reach will help clean any toothpaste splatters, stains, or watermarks. This will make it easy for you to clean any spots or dirt quickly without making much effort.


Shower Curtains Need Attention

Did you ever pay close attention to your shower curtain? Did you know that places that mold, bacteria, and scum thrive in are your liners and shower curtains? The best part is, many of them are washing machine friendly; simply toss them into your washer and choose the settings mentioned on the labels.


Kiss Old Bath Mats Goodbye:

If you have a habit of holding onto old bath mats, then it’s about time you changed it. Not only are old bath mats a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and mold, but they also don’t look aesthetically pleasing. When choosing a new bathroom mat, make sure you don’t go for those fluffy plush ones. Even though they feel super soft beneath your feet, they can harbor several germs and bacteria. Choose those that are made from polyester or cotton.


If you still have a hard time saying goodbye to your beloved bathroom mat, make sure you wash it after every two weeks.


Go Touchless:

Another excellent way of keeping your hands off of any germs is by installing the latest touchless fixtures. Switching on fixtures by the mere wave of a hand is the best way to minimize any contact with contaminated bathroom surfaces and keep bathroom clean. One super classy upgrade in your bathroom will be touchless light switches and faucets.


Final Words

Who said keeping your beloved bathroom clean and germ-free is hard? All you have to do is incorporate a few easy tricks, and your bathroom will be germ-free for eternity. Remember to use the tips mentioned above and witness your bathroom being super clean like never before.

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