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Your home is meant to be a place of enjoyment. It’s where you relax after a long day of work, have friends over for backyard barbecues, and ultimately it generates wealth through building equity over the years. Making certain home improvements can also boost your home’s value – and therefore your equity – but you may be wondering which home improvements are the best and still fit well in your budget.

These 10 home remodeling ideas will help your home stand out amongst the rest, bring fresh life to your space, and all under $10k that are worth the investment.



1) Start small with your kitchen remodel

One of the most common remodeling projects you hear about homeowners undertaking is a kitchen remodel. But maybe the thought of gutting your entire kitchen is unappealing or simply not in your budget. Don’t fret, you have options to update your kitchen. Consider replacing just the countertops or refinishing your cabinets with a new color to bring new life to your kitchen. Upgrading your existing appliances to a more energy efficient model is another great way to remodel your kitchen while staying well within your budget.


2) Update your bathroom 

Maybe you’ve postponed remodeling your bathroom for as long as possible, but now the space is starting to look too outdated and worn. The poor lighting and paint color make your bathroom too dark when you’re getting ready in the morning. Your tub is three shades of yellow, when originally it used to be off white, and deep cleaning hasn’t helped. Oh, and don’t forget about the green laminate countertops and lack of under-the-sink storage. Updating your bathroom can easily transform your space into one worthy of an at-home spa day without having to spend a fortune, making it one of the best home improvements for your budget.


3) Install a walk-in closet for added storage

It’s no surprise that many homeowners want houses with lots of storage. If you find yourself constantly running out of storage space, consider adding a walk-in closet to your home. While the idea may seem intimidating, hiring a professional to create the ultimate walk-in closet can make the process that much easier. Whether that’s turning an entire room into a brand new closet or adding custom shelving to an existing walk-in closet, you’ll have options at every price point.



4) Make your space into an open floor plan

Some of the best home improvements are the ones that make the biggest impact on your space. The mere thought of making your living room and kitchen into an open floor plan can sound daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be. Maybe you live in a home where there’s only one wall separating the two rooms. If this sounds like your home, knocking out that wall may be a worthwhile home improvement idea to add to your list.

Knocking down a wall ranges in price depending on whether or not the wall is load-bearing, which is a structural wall that supports the weight above it. If it’s a load-bearing wall you can expect the cost to be at the higher end of that range. Before taking matters into your own hands, it’s best to contact a professional to know what kind of wall you’re planning to knock down. And better yet, just have the professionals do the job for you. That way you’ll have a spacious and airy room without the potential of a DIY project gone wrong.


5) Switch out old carpet with new hardwood

A favorite home improvement project among many homeowners is replacing carpet with hardwood flooring. So if your carpet looks matted from years of foot traffic or has noticeable tears from your pet’s scratches, then it’s probably time to consider replacing the flooring. To stay within your budget, consider replacing the flooring one room at a time. Start with high-traffic areas like your living room or entryway for a noticeable upgrade, without having to replace your entire home’s flooring all at once.

If you’re a fan of carpet, consider updating existing carpeted rooms with the right material that will stand the test of time. Your local flooring store can help you decide the best flooring for your budget.


6) Refresh your interior or exterior painting

Painting your home may seem like an obvious choice, but it can make one of the biggest impacts on your space. Painting your interior walls a new color can bring inspiration into your home- perhaps a calming sky blue in your bedroom or a cheerful yellow in your kitchen. And freshly painted walls are a great home improvement.

If your interior walls are already in tip-top shape or are a shade you love, consider having your home’s exterior painted to spruce up your curb appeal. A pop of color on your front door or a refresh of your current paint can make your curb appeal more welcoming every time you arrive home.


7) Replace drafty windows with double-pane

It’s possible that installing new windows wasn’t always on your list of home remodeling ideas. But some of the best home improvements don’t always make the list at first. In the long run, double-pane windows may even save you money when it comes to energy bills.

If you live in a home where it seems like you’re always turning on the heater during the winter, double-pane windows may be the right fit to help you save on heating. While replacing your windows may be on the high end of your $10,000 budget, especially if you have a larger home, your energy bill savings may just be worth it in the end.



8) Embrace indoor-outdoor living

Now that spring is in full bloom, it’s time to welcome back indoor-outdoor living. And creating the ultimate backyard oasis doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Anything from a fully-fledged outdoor kitchen, a hot tub, or new outdoor furniture can bring new life to your outdoor space.

If you’re trying to become one with nature this spring and summer, consider adding new greenery to your backyard with lush trees and flowers that will be inviting no matter who sets foot outside. Indoor-outdoor living upgrades are some of the best home improvements to update your space no matter how much or how little you spend.


9) Cool off with an AC unit

If you’re living in a warm climate like Phoenix, AZ, chances are you have an AC unit in your home to cool down during hot summers. However, installing an AC unit in more variable climates like Portland, OR can be an investment worth considering. Costs range depending on the size of your home, whether you need a building permit, and the type of air conditioning unit you plan to buy. Talking with your local HVAC company is an easy way to find out what air conditioning unit is right for your home and your budget.


10) Install smart home systems

In an age of technology, it’s no wonder that it’s also led to the rise of smart home technology. Whether it’s a smart HVAC system allowing you to control your home’s thermostat or installing a smart home security system to protect your household, the options are endless. You can find a variety of smart home systems perfect for your budget. And for those who aren’t looking for a serious remodeling project, smart home tech can be an easy and affordable home improvement.

Originally published by Redfin

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